Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kat will soon be on the cover of Horse Aficionado

This weekend Kat competed in the Saddlebred Futurity (I have no idea what this means, except that it involves horses) at WestWorld in Scottsdale. She won the blue ribbon, which means first place, in both her competitions. The event Saturday was more about the horse, and the event Sunday was more about her handling of the horse. I think she rode a horse called Caper for both events. Apparently, Caper has been competing in events like this (whether he knows it or not) for 18 years. I watched on Saturday, and Kat definitely looked like she was having a good time. One woman even stopped her after the show to say how much Kat was smiling. It was pretty fun, and I was thrilled to see Kat do well. She tries really hard at her lessons, and it is great to see that rewarded.

(I realize that my relating of this story is terrible since I know nothing about horses, equitation or nature. I felt similarly when I used to do sports reporting on cross country or softball - sports I knew nothing about and cared little or nothing about. However, I obviously care about saddlebred competitions when Kat is in them.)

When I got to the competition grounds I had a flashback to being a reporter because I was sent to a place I had never been and had a backpack. The backpack is now filled with law books (although I am still scorned by many, including Kat, for wearing it), but the best thing about the flashback was that I didn't have to accost anyone to ask them what they like about horses. I miss journalism - but only a select few parts of it. I also like the fact that even though this story is rambling, nonsensical and probably pointless, only a select few people who know me and my mental illnesses will read it, rather than lots of different people who will then laugh at me.

I'm sure Kat will put the video of her victories up on her blog. I tried to tape her first event, but I know I did terribly. It will remind the initiated of a Shirley effort, although minus the hours of footage of the inside of a purse.

It was good to have a day off from the law yesterday, although I am back at it hard today (as is made clear by the fact that I'm blogging rather than studying). Truthfully, all is not well in Jeffreytown. It looks more and more like I struck out in my attempt to get a job at a law firm for next summer, and I don't particularly like a lot of my remaining options. It's pretty disappointing to be in this position, but I just have to make the best out of it.

I have come to the conclusion that I am the law student equivalent of Lamar Odom: great skills, lots of potential, even some impressive achivements, but destined to disappoint. Few have done less with more than Lamar and I. For some of the best of Lamar, click on this link. If the ending to this blog has made you sad (and it shouldn't; it should make me sad, but not you) then click on that last link and you'll be smiling in no time. It works for me. It can work for you.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Where I'm At

In Tucson, obviously.

But here's an update on my physical and mental health after a busy week with a busy weekend to come.

I'm taking Kat to the airport today for her visit to North Carolina. This is her yearly vacation from me in which she decompresses from 51 weeks of dealing with my nonsense and girds herself for 51 weeks more. It looks like the weather should be fab, so I'm sure she'll have a good time.

She'll get to see her friend Lena's baby, Levi. I don't have a photo on my computer, but he is very cute. Some of the Gautreauxs met Lena and Chris at our wedding, but most memorable is an incident in which Chris was shocked by the toilet architecture at a restaurant.

I will be studying while Kat is gone and taking care of the dogs, so they don't die. I'm playing basketball today, but after that it is time to lock down.

I had the last of my four callback interviews yesterday. Now, I wait and hope to hear from one or more of them. I think they went well for the most part, but I think I made a big mistake in choosing to be myself. I think that was bad advice.

Kat and I went to the weekly law school carousing night known as Bar Review last night. It was the first one we had gone to all semester. It was at a bar called "Home Plate" where they serve alcohol and also have batting cages. There was definitely some heavy irony in the fact that law students were at an establishment that mixes drinking with the hurling of objects at a high rate of speed. There was an enormous sign that says "Batters assume all risks," but I'm not sure if any warning be enough to ensure the soundness of an assumption of the risk defense after Trent has 24 Bud Lites and decides to step in against an automated Tim Lincecum.

I hadn't swung a bat in about five years and it showed. I looked like a Cub in the postseason.

But Kat and I had fun. Kat was compared favorably to Karen O by someone who may have been drinking and Judd Apatow movies were discussed at a length far more than deserved.

Anyway, that is what is going on with me.

Reading: Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman. This is a rather hilarious novelization of what it is like to live in a small Midwestern town. It is so true that it hurts.

Listening: The Fifth Season of drivel that is the Ricky Gervais Show as well as the new Jenny Lewis album, Acid Tongue. Kat and I like to sing The Next Messiah very loudly.

Watching: Just The Office on a regular basis. Nothing else, really.