Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look back to go forward

Two long years ago one of my professors required us to write letters to our third-year law student selves. It was an interesting exercise, I guess. Anyway, now 730 days later, said professor returned those letters to us. Is my letter interesting? No. Is it enlightening? No. Is it funny? Not particularly.

I will point out that I included Kat in its drafting, lo, that 104 weeks ago. The other important thing to point out is the name on the envelope to return my letter: Jeffrey Gautieaux. Yes, clearly, I command lots of respect in these parts. Conduct yourself accordingly.

Anyway, here you go.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'll blog even when I have nothing to say

I went to my first University of Arizona football game last night here in Tucson. The somewhat-mighty Wildcats defeated Northern Arizona 34-17. It was a pretty impressive spectacle. No one sent me the memo about wearing a red shirt, so I was one of the few U of A fans in a white shirt. However, it did not affect the outcome. I went to the game with my friend "Double D" after I received two free tickets from my friend "Rory." The crazed Wildcat fans next to "Double D" and I questioned why we weren't cheering or yelling more. In fact, at one point a woman said "You guys don't look like you are having fun." I was going to mention how sports are an intellectual exercise for me, but instead I just said "It's OK." The game was enjoyable, but I think I am done with cheering in general.

I have watched some football this weekend, and I still find it an enjoyable sport. I enjoyed the exciting mediocrity v. mediocrity battle that was Notre Dame v. Michigan. I also enjoyed the ridiculousness of the Denver/Cincinnati game, which for some reason was on here in Tucson. I am free to watch all the sports that I want with Kat at sea, but I think I would rather watch less sports and see her more. Kat seems to be having a good time, but I can only hold things together for so long. Another one of my friends, "Ted," says that he imagines me being forced to fight off Lucy and Lily in an attempt to have any food to eat.

(Obviously the "friends" mentioned in this post have different names. The names have been changed to protect their identities and to allow them to deny they know me.)

It is still summer in Tucson and the weather reflects it. We got rained on a decent amount last night at the football game, and the temperature drops at night, but it is still quite warm during the day. And since I am now blogging about the weather, I have officially become 80 years old and need to sign off.

I promise some great future posts with tales of Kat's travels and travails (with pictures!). But for now, you, like me, will have to be patient.

I did watch a film - In the Loop - this weekend, which is quite enjoyable. If you get a chance to see it at your local independent film theatre (those are in every town right?) then I would suggest it. It is deliciously satirical and very, very, very funny.

Well that is all that I have for you. I haven't blogged in forever, so I felt I should, but the poor level of this post makes me question whether I should continue. Well, at least I didn't talk about basketball, right? Alright, later.