Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthiversary: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Birthiversary landed on a Saturday this year, which is exciting. I received some nice gifts, including some sweet Nike golf balls and some nice golf tees - the wooden kind, not the kind you wear. I played last weekend on the venerable Antelope Hills south course, and for about four holes in a row I played almost competently. This, of course, has led me to want to play more, which will only end in tears and a lighter wallet. But those four holes were glorious! I made three pars and a bogey (thus you can gauge my ability because I consider that great play). I even had a 20-foot eagle putt at one point. Of course, I commenced to three-putt for a par, but I'm more of a ballstriker than a putter anyway. Anyway, the nine holes of the south course remind me a lot of the Friend Country Club, where I spent many happy days as a youth, so it's fun to play there. I'll be sure to keep my blog readers apprised of the rise and inevitable fall of my golfing ability.

Thanks to everyone who sent gifts or cards for Birthiversary. However, I felt it necessary to post a picture of one of the cards I received because it was somewhat disturbing. Normally, grandmothers like their grandchildren, but this card from my mother evinces some frightening thoughts about Ada.
No Ada! That seems almost like a threat. Anyway, I will have to talk to her about her attitude toward Ada during our upcoming visit, assuming we still decide to go!

Another reason that Birthiversary is exciting this year is that it coincides with the beginning of the NBA Playoffs. Just about every series is worth watching, but I think the Heat-Knicks series should be great, OKC-Dallas, Lakers-Nuggets, and Clippers-Grizzlies should all be interesting. While I won't get to see all of the games, I will catch what I can. Although I was thinking we were heading for a Heat-Thunder finals, I think Heat-Spurs might be more likely. I think the Spurs know this is probably their last chance, and the Heat have no other option but a title. That would set up a delicious battle. However, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's enjoy the fact that JaVale McGee will be playing playoff games. There's a possibility that Kobe will pump fake JaVale so hard that he flies into the stands or off the backboard. The only downside is that JaVale and Ron-Ron cannot have a crazy-off at some point during the series. As you can see, there are a lot of subplots. If you want to keep up with the playoffs without actually watching, check out The Basketball Jones for the daily live vidcast at 10:30 a.m. Eastern or watch it recorded later. Sometimes I watch live before I go to work, but I always watch recorded at lunch if I miss it. It is great to live so close to work so I can come home each day for lunch and see my family watch the Basketball Jones. My family is there, too, and I think Ada likes it. She definitely likes the music.

Speaking of Ada liking music, excellent Youtube clip here of Ada and I dancing. If Ada were the heroine of a Scandinavian novel, she would be The Girl Who Stood Next to the Speaker. She loves to turn on the stereo and dance to whatever CD comes up. In general, she is a pretty confident and outgoing kid. She always sits right next to the reader at Storytime, and she does not seem to have too much fear. I know I'm not like that now, and I don't think I was like that then. However, it is good to have some confidence. I hope that can continue.

Ada is a great addition to the family, and I could not be happier with my two ladies. However, on Birthiversary, I want to thank Kat for all that she has done for me for the last five years (and before that, too) and all that she continues to do. She has allowed me to achieve so many things that I wanted, like going to law school and becoming a lawyer (and don't I know that is going to hurt at the divorce trial!), and she has done it all with a good nature and a fine spirit. She is definitely the best thing in my life, and I thank her each day (even if I forget to actually say it). So, for all of the days in the next 365 where I'll forget, I'll say: Thank you, Kat, and I love you!