Saturday, March 10, 2012

Da da da da da

The title of this post is what Ada has been saying repeatedly over the past few days. However because she says it so often, whether I am around or not, I don't think it refers to me. I think it is either a sound she likes or she is actually a Russian spy. But it's fun to hear her talking. It's also fun to see her climbing around, learning things, and being a little more patient with her parents, specifically her dad.

Ada and I went to swimming class this morning, and she did an excellent job. She is very adventurous and was even trying to dive into the water when I would have her sit up on the wall. I did not let her actually dive in, which might have affected how excited she was about doing that, but we will get to that soon. She is a good sport, and does not complain too much when I forget to keep her above water.

Other than Ada learning new things and trying things for the first time, not a whole lot is going on. I am learning new things and trying things for the first time, but discussion if those matters would be deathly boring for the reader. I like my job, though, and so it does not really matter if Nyone else would be interested.

The city basketball league ended this week and our team finished first. It was a fun league, and we had a fun team to play on. We are already talking about keeping the team together for the summer league.

Not much else to report, so I'll end it there. In the words of Paul F. Tompkins, "Don't get drunk and fight each other."