Friday, December 28, 2007

I have been busy not blogging

I know I haven't blogged in a long time, but I've found that I have less and less to say. I don't think that's a good sign, but it saves my two readers from having to read too much drivel. I just have a few things.

People keep asking me how my exams went, but I really don't have a good answer (and it's not as a result of my complaint from the previous paragraph). I just really don't know. I could have done well or very poorly, but there is no good way to gauge. So instead, I'm forced to go to the same Web site each day where the grades are posted and face the battle in my brain between wanting to know and not know. 37 percent of my brain would like to just find out while 63 percent doesn't really want to know because of fear of what will be revealed. Thus far, the 63 percent is winning because the grades haven't been posted. If you remember the end of The Paper Chase - it is somewhat similar to that, however I'm not very cool and would never make a paper airplane out of my grades because, thanks to the wonders of technology, I have no way to make a paper airplane out of a Web site. The preceding sentences explain nothing and make me sound like a frightened loser, and that's precisely why I don't want to explain this to people who ask me how exams went.

I wished I could have been in Broken Bow for Christmas. It looked like fun. It sounds like everyone had a good time, although I have not seen any pictures posted to any blogs about the event. I'm excited for my trip back to Nebraska. Over the next few days here in Tucson there are "hard freeze warnings," so I guess that means the temperature might actually even dip into the 20s. I've only been wearing a light jacket when walking the dogs at night in what I've described to Kat as the "toughening process." She has no interest in any sort of toughening and simply puts on larger and larger coats of rather humorous proportions. I am resigned to the fact that I am going to be very cold, but I'm excited nonetheless.

In Kat-related news, she is leaving her job at AZ Tourist News and looking for other employment. She already has an interview and doesn't seem like she will be on the free agent market for long. And as always you can check Kat Fancy for updates about Kat and pictures of me looking extremely confused.

I was trying to figure out why I can't take a picture where I don't look like I just got hit in the face with a salmon, but I've come up dry. For whatever reason, I always look lost, deeply concerned, frightened about the future and certain I am suffering from some as-yet-unnamed terminal illness. I don't know if the fact that those things are mostly true for me plays any sort of role in my facial expressions.

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and has a happy new year. Here's hoping for a great 2008.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Some Notes on a Wednesday Afternoon

I forgot to commemorate the first anniversary of Super Duper Day (note: official title still being discussed) yesterday, Dec. 4. SDD was the day when Kat and I officially became engaged by choosing the most inexpensive ring she liked and was simultaneously the same day when I got my first acceptance to a law school. Kat cried tears of joy on SDD. Normally, I make her cry tears of anger or disappointment three or four times for each instance of tears of joy. But we choose not to commemorate those occurrences with special days. Anyway, I hope to remember SDD next year without having Kat tell me right before I go to bed.

Since things always seem to come full circle, I had my first law school exam today (post-SDD). The first rule (or is it the second rule?) of law school exams is "You don't talk about law school exams!" So I won't be discussing it with you. I'll tell you how I feel after being prejudiced by finding out my grade. (Don't tell anyone I said anything, but I think I did OK. If not, I will be savagely disappointed later).

Though I didn't feel horrible after the exam, I was pretty drained. I felt like Hank Kingsley after he filled in for one night as host for Larry Sanders. Right after the show, this was Hank's quote:

"Man, I'm tired. Now, I know why Larry is so f---ed up!"

That is sort of how I felt. Hat tip to Lloyd for the Larry Sanders DVDs, which are always a good study break/procrastinating tool.

But while I thought things were going so well, this was the e-mail I received after I had finished only my first of four exams. And this is quoted verbatim, however, I will not divulge the author's name:

"Let's face it. You haven't done enough to get an A in the class you'll be
studying for on Friday. So just accept your fate and embrace the B and play

Hold on, here! I haven't given up that easily. I think I have worked hard enough, but sure I'll be there for basketball. I've got to keep my priorities straight!

I don't have much more to say. Kat bought Lily a rather awesome sweater. The Suns and Celtics are winning. But sports are meaningless, law is everything, bring on the exams!