Monday, January 19, 2009

Nebraska Photos a.k.a. Visual Evidence of Grievances

Not much needs to be said about these photos. I'll just give you one sentence for each one.

Why does he have to look so mean?

Are you a good girl, Athena? (No answer)

The irony is thick with this one. I think it is probably the greatest picture of a picture ever taken. (OK, that was two sentences, but you'll have to cut me some slack and just enjoy the background in that photo)

No complaints with this guy, who is simply the world's greatest living pinochle player.

My bed, my bed, my kingdom for my bed! (I was going to caption this cryptically as "Rosebed" in reference to Citizen Kane, but I never really loved my bed all that much as a kid. However, to see its sorry state now does make me a bit sad. Oh well, like sands through the hourglass and mounds of junk into your childhood bedroom, THESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES)