Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cuteness Level: Elevated

As this is Ada's first Christmas, Kat is working hard to ensure that it is a memorable one. For us, I guess, because I doubt Ada is going to remember it. Anyway, we took her to see Santa at the Prescott Gateway Mall and the results were pretty good. She was an excellent baby throughout.

We also bought a Christmas tree (a 5-foot Noble fir -- which means it is a tree that is highly unlikely to react with other trees (chemistry joke!)) and decorated it nicely. I broke only one of Kat's ornaments to which she is sentimentally attached, and now we have a nice tree next to our nice currently inoperable fireplace.

This is Ada struggling with ornament/food confusion.

Anyway, Christmas has arrived, and the cold, snowy weather helps to make it feel like Christmas. Today, Ada and I went shopping for some Christmas presents while Kat went to a movie. We did pretty well with the shopping, and Ada, as usual, was an excellent companion.

Merry Christmas to all!